Medical Tourism in Maharashtra


Medical Tourism in Maharashtra

India has lately developed as one of the most trusted destination for medical tourism because it scores high over a range of factors that determines the overall quality of care. In India complex surgical procedures are being done in a National and International accredited hospitals by renowned medical specialists at very low costs. From quality of therapy, range of procedural and treatment options, infrastructure and skilled manpower to perform any medical procedure with zero waiting time, the list of benefits of travelling for medical treatment in India are many

Under the able guidance of senior leadership Maharashtra has taken a step towards working with hospitals in synergy to make the state a preferred destination for medical tourism, which can serve as the stepping stone for India to be a leader in providing affordable and holistic health care.


Why Maharashtra

Advantages of medical treatment in Maharashtra include

  • Cost: Reduced costs
  • Technology: Being the financial capital of the country Maharashtra has the availability of latest medical technology
  • Quality of Care: A growing compliance on international quality standards
  • Experienced Professionals: Doctors trained in western countries including US and UK
  • Language: English speaking personnel, due to which foreigners are less likely to face language barrier in the state
  • Fast Track Treatment: Quick and immediate attention for surgeries and all interventions are assured without any waiting time in almost all cases
  • Hospitality: For greater understanding between patients and healthcare personnel, the warmth and hospitality of hospitals is a big factor in choosing Maharashtra as a healthcare destination